Friday, September 10, 2010

SEQUIN/Death to running

Yeah, so I know your totally jealous because... I am in a band.

Don't worry, I'm holding for the applause. So anyway, my friends and I's band is called SEQUIN (see title) and it's definitely going places, just saying. We're kind of a anything-we-can-write band so we're pretty diverse. Our first band meeting is next weekend and it's gonna be totally rad.

SO, in other news. I think I'm going to start a DEATH TO RUNNING campaign on account of today in P.E, we had to do our monthly 'Mile Run' and it was torture. Especially because I haven't exactly been "active" this summer so I'm super out of shape and full of Nutella and cheese. I did get a not half bad time though (8:37) which is okay I guess.

But then I almost died which wasn't a good feeling. I thought I was going to cough up my lungs or something. Not pretty. But eventually i calmed down and stopped hyperventalating so I'm all good now.

Though I should probably take a shower, because I'm all sweaty and gross and stuff.

Well that's all I can basically think of so, ta ta for now.


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