Monday, July 12, 2010

I like chicken, I like liver. Meow mix, meow mix please deliver

The day we have been dreading and/or looking forward to is finally here! School! You know what I'm looking forward to? School picture day.


You see, all my school pictures seem to turn out horrifically wrong.

Here are some reenactments of some bad ones (which i have either purposefully lost or BURNED.)

They are all totes fab, aren't they?

Yeah, plus my photo from last year (see picture 3) was on my Go Card! Greeaaattt.

I'm hoping to get my braces off before this years trip to the torture chamber, but I don't know if I will because of my vague-answer-giving orthodontist called Dr.W.

This was his answer when I asked him when APPROXIMATELY I would be getting my braces off. I thought he should know ROUGHLY when. I guess not.

"Oh, I believe it will be sometime in 2010." Seriously? Come on. That's called bad guessing. Really bad. Like not cool man, not cool.

Any who I am totes excited for grade 9. Whoo hoo! I've decided to become more studious and organized this year.

Yeah right, that's gonna last, what? A month? Maybe less. It depends how long the angry Chinese math sub is here.

Oh yeah by the way the title really has no relevance whatsoever I just took that line from Austin Powers.

Well, gotta go get the Led out. Peace out noobs.


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