Friday, October 15, 2010

"And here we enter the torture chambers!"

School just got a hell of a lot more difficult. I swear I will die if I have to miss an episode of Merlin because of science fair. BUT before I die I will watch said episode of Merlin.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to rant about our mass load of homework we have just received. But the best part is: All of it is spread over a long period of time so the torture is like 4 months in the process.

List and definitions of cruciation devices:

1) Science Fair-a mandatory field trip to the Underworld for grades 8-10. Final project due: March. Total months of torturous assignments: 5.

2) Monologues-must be fully memorized and will be timed. Teacher will have copy of said monologue and if the majority your presentation is not exact to the copy, child in question will fail first term drama. If not 3-5 minutes long, child in question will fail first term drama. End of story.

3) Prince Rupert Project-a well known project throughout Ideal Mini School, known for causing graduate students to freeze in their tracks looking glassy eyed. Counts for about 80% of first term Social Studies.

YEAH, not fun.