Saturday, September 11, 2010

Death by Anticipation

Wow, another post? This is madness I tell you.

Anyway so as you all should PROBABLY know, Merlin series 3 episode 1 came out in the UK today! Woot! Oh wait, I don't LIVE in the UK. Bummer, I know.

Or is it?

My cousin, Sean, is from the UK (go figure) and I get to watch it through Skype. YAY. Except I'm waiting for him to stop chitter chattering with someone else so I can watch my Merlin.

I'm looking like this emoticon right about now ---> O.O

I told him I'm dying of a common disease called Death by Anticipation and it's super legit.

I told him that Elvis died from it and not from overdose or cronic constipation because he was also waiting for new Merlin to come out and he was all like, "Ah gee I'm on the can and I'm totes gonna die of anticipation waiting for Merlin! Oops now I'm dead." And then he died.



Friday, September 10, 2010

SEQUIN/Death to running

Yeah, so I know your totally jealous because... I am in a band.

Don't worry, I'm holding for the applause. So anyway, my friends and I's band is called SEQUIN (see title) and it's definitely going places, just saying. We're kind of a anything-we-can-write band so we're pretty diverse. Our first band meeting is next weekend and it's gonna be totally rad.

SO, in other news. I think I'm going to start a DEATH TO RUNNING campaign on account of today in P.E, we had to do our monthly 'Mile Run' and it was torture. Especially because I haven't exactly been "active" this summer so I'm super out of shape and full of Nutella and cheese. I did get a not half bad time though (8:37) which is okay I guess.

But then I almost died which wasn't a good feeling. I thought I was going to cough up my lungs or something. Not pretty. But eventually i calmed down and stopped hyperventalating so I'm all good now.

Though I should probably take a shower, because I'm all sweaty and gross and stuff.

Well that's all I can basically think of so, ta ta for now.