Sunday, September 26, 2010

All you can eat sushi and Purdy's ice cream bars

Yo, sup?

Today my friend and I went downtown to shop for our friend's birthday, which was actually in July but NDB. Got her lots o' stuff and tomorrow to celebrate we're going to ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI! Guess how much hall you can eat is? Guess... GUESS!


Yeah, you read right. NINE STINKING' DOLLARS! This is some crazy stuff goin' down. My friend, Cloe, whom which I went shopping with, is going to bring containers so she can just take some home secretly. SHHHHHHHHH!

Cloe, mentioned above TWICE (boy she's popular), asked me to buy her a Purdy's ice cream bar for her birthday (which was also in July) so I was like "what's an ice cream bar?"

She was all like "WTF MATE?" I was confused, so what if I had never had one before. Jeez.

So, I bought her the vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate WITH nuts, yes, WITH nuts, and we left.

Very eventful if I do say so myself. Although I never will forgive her for reading my secret text messages on my phone on the bus home.

They were from her and.... *dramatic music* MY MOTHER.

Gasp, I know.

Well, in other news.






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