Monday, May 31, 2010

More results of boredom!

So, I have written some more of my story. Here it is:

He walked briskly among the bustle of people until he came to yet another ally, his fourth this evening. He sighed and closed his eyes, turning into a shadow. A shadow that belonged to no one. He crept down the dark, empty ally until he hit a dead end. A dead end, at least, to the average eye. He held up his hands an started to chant an old ode in Latin. After a few verses, the brick wall became a barrier of black steel. The shadow smiled to himself and walked through the side of the building like it was made of air. He appeared in the old library of a cottage just outside of London, a good mile or so probably. He turned back into his human form and opened the mini-fridge, grabbing 2 cokes out of the back. He walked over to the leather sofa and sat down with a dramatic sigh. He popped open a can of coke and drained it in one gulp. He was about to reach for the next one when he heard someone walk into the room.

"And you wonder why you always have to go to the bathroom." He chuckled at his sisters remark in reply along with chucking a pillow at her head. She dodged it easily, as if it were rehearsed.

"Hey! Just an observation Dunc, geez." She was wearing her favourite ninja-patterned pajamas along with her alien house slippers.

"So," She said as she leaned up against the wall. "How come you're back so late, huh? Quot bestia fui vos iuguolo is vesper?" Leave it to his sister to start speaking in a dead language, Duncan thought. "You said you'd be gone an hour! It's been 3 since you called and said you were gonna be a little late! 4 HOURS IS AN EVENING STROLL TO YOU? SERIOUSLY-"

"Okay, okay! I'm sorry. Geez Lizzie, what's with you today? You've been acting so paranoid!" Duncan told his twin sister. They were 17 years old, but they were much more mature. At least, around other people they were.

Elizibeth and Duncan Gray were descendants of an ancient race of supernatural human beings.They were often called Venetor Obscurum, which basically means 'Hunters of Darkness' in Latin, by their people. In ancient times they were also called 'alienus', meaning alien, by mortals who feared them. Their powers gave them the ability to enter and exit the world of shadows at will. They slayed demons and monsters alike in and out of the shadow world and are trained to do so all through their childhood.

Lizzie and Duncan were a lot alike in many ways: They looked identical (being identical twins), they ate their toast the same way, all that. But their personalities were polar opposite. Duncan wore tattered black jeans, lather jackets and t-shirts with breakdancing skeletons on them. He listened to bands like Greenday, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Velvet Revolver; people like that. Lizzie, on the other hand, loved wearing bright coloured dresses, ribbons in her hair and 6 inch heels. They both had dark blond hair and olive toned skin. Their eyes were as black as a nightmare except, however, when they lied. Whenever they told a lie their eyes would flash a brilliant but unnatural electric blue. It wasn't unusual for their kind though. Every human member of the shadow world had a peculiar trait, one that was usually visible to the human eye.

For instance, on a trip to France, Lizzie bumped into another human-shadow person named Heather. Whenever she got angry her hair would burst into flames (not leaving any damage to it) and would cause any one within 1 foot of her to back away at least a metre. It was definitly odd but it did make for a good offensive advantage.

"Well," Duncan stood up and stretched his arms. "I'm going to bed Liz. Bonus nox noctis." He ruffled his sisters hair as he walked by and out the door. Lizzie sighed, turned off the light and went to her bedroom.


  1. WOOHOO!! now that's what i'm talking about!! wow, way to go with the names, how did u think of it, or did u borrow from some ancient mythology and i dont know about?